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In-School Counseling Program

PDAP All Stars

PDAP All Stars is a program taught by PDAP through several school districts in the RGV. It is intended to increase awareness and prevent drug and alcohol abuse in the youth of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. PDAP All Stars provides prevention services through a life skills curriculum, typically 15 weeks long. We educate at risk youth (ages 8-15) about substance abuse and build resiliency skills, personal developmental assets, reduce risk factors and/or increase protective factors in the individual, peer, and family domain.

The outcome is designed to decrease risk factors that eradicate and/ or minimize the growing substance abuse problem in South Texas.

Our main goal is to prevent/ delay the onset of first use by providing culturally appropriate substance abuse early prevention and support services to at risk youth, and raise awareness about prevention education throughout our community.

For more information or if you are interested in having your school be part of the program call (956) 687-7714 and ask for Nadia Ochoa, PDAP’s Executive Director. 

School Contract-Why your School Needs One

Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) Counselors are either Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Interns or Rehab Counselors that have personal experience and knowledge pertaining to recovery from drugs and/or alcohol, leading to very specific and specialized counseling for the students.

The presence of a PDAP counselor on site at school greatly increases the student’s likelihood of seeking and receiving vital help needed for drug and alcohol abuse. PDAP counselors aim to see as many students as possible and strive to give each individual the time and guidance they need.

PDAP counselors, on average, meet with 15 students a week for an average of 30 minutes each.

When meeting with a student the counselor and student discuss past and current issues with drugs and/or alcohol the student is facing. Students usually discuss problems with family, peer pressure, and feelings of loneliness.

In most instances, students reveal much about themselves in a short period of time, allowing for the counselor to build rapport and gain trust from the students. Many students have claimed to share things with counselors that they have “never told anyone before.”

Teachers have noticed the positive impact of having a PDAP counselor on site at schools, noting that the students really enjoy speaking to somebody who “understands them.”

PDAP counselors are available for group sessions conducted on campus and are also able to meet with the parents of the student receiving services.

PDAP offers services outside the campus for students serious about recovery. Our doors are open for students to “hang out” after school in a sober environment. We offer group sessions for students ages 12-18 Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6:30pm-7:30pm. During that same time we offer group sessions for families wanting help. In addition Friday’s and Saturday’s we provide REBOS (sober spelled backwards) activities 4pm-11pm. These include outings to movies, volleyball, barbecues, sporting events and pool tournaments all done with other teens in a sober environment.

Drug and alcohol use and abuse among teenagers is rampant and Palmer Drug Abuse Program is at the service of the community, doing whatever we can to assist individuals and families on the road to recovery from substances.

School Contract Fees

For counseling to be effective for students we do not recommend less than 16 hours a week for a counselor to remain on campus. Our counselors are able to stay on one campus or move to different campuses as needed. In addition, they work the days and times that are convenient for both the teachers instructional needs and other activities students are required to attend. Counseling includes: individual sessions, group sessions, family sessions and drug education presentations.

List of School Contract fees:

$25,000 at 16 hours a week for 9 months (September thru May) Monthly invoice of $2777.77

$30,000 at 18 hours a week for 9 months (September thru May) Monthly invoice of $3333.33

$35,000 at 20 hours a week for 9 months (September thru May) Monthly invoice of $3888.88

This does not exclude students from attending group meetings on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm-7:30pm at Palmer Drug Abuse Program. They will also be able to attend REBOS (sober spelled backwards) social activity nights Friday and Saturday 4pm-11pm. Transportation is available for all youth group activities! This is an extra 16 hours a week available for students to receive group counseling and a chance to socialize in a drug free environment.

A contract can be created for more than 20 hours a week, please inquire and we will customize times and a fee schedule fitting your school district’s needs. If you have any questions please contact Nadia Ochoa, PDAP’s Executive Director.