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PDAP Counseling

The organization’s mission is to support  teenagers, adults and family members  through individual and family counseling,  support group meetings, and supervised  drug-free social activities all in a safe, comfortable and sober environment.

Individual Counseling:
One-on-one counseling

Support Group Meetings: 
Our meetings are divided by age groups

Younger Group (Ages 12-17)

The Younger Group is the main focus of PDAP.  The younger group counseling sessions are staffed with full-time counselors who provide the structure that is necessary to help make changes possible. PDAP provides these teens a safe haven away from the temptations of drug and alcohols abuse. Teens learn to stay sober, improve their self-esteem, rebuild family relationships, and develop other skills needed to succeed in life.   PDAP offers support group meetings three times a week, individual and family counseling, and a peer counseling system where young abusers who are well on their way to recovery can sponsor other teens as they enter the program.  Counselors also work daily in area schools with at-risk students.

Meeting Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday | 6:30pm-7:30pm

Older Group (Ages 18-25)

Young adult substance abusers are often emotionally immature, but are entering into the legal aspects and responsibilities of adults.  Many have dropped out of school, married and/or had children at an early age and may be in the middle of legal or financial problems.  Young adults develop new skills to help deal with life’s everyday challenges.  Goals may include completing high school or obtaining a GED, attending college, or acquiring a job.  PDAP offers support group meetings three times a week and individual counseling as needed on an ongoing basis.

Meeting Schedule: Monday & Wednesday | 6:30pm-7:30pm

Adult Group (Ages 26+)

Beginning or managing a career, starting their own families, and financial difficulties are just some of the stresses that may prove to be overwhelming for some adults.  Recreational use of alcohol or even drugs may become substance abuse as they search for relief from their problems.  Alcoholics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous are good sources of support for some adults; however, many require additional or alternative supports that include individual and family counseling and support groups for their family.  PDAP offers support group meetings three times a week and individual counseling as needed on an ongoing basis.

Meeting Schedule: Monday & Wednesday | 6:30pm-7:30pm

Family Support Group

The success these individuals have is enhanced when they have the support of their family.  PDAP     provides individual counseling and three weekly support group meetings for family members as well. Family members learn to take a stand with love, set boundaries with consequences, and no longer accept the abusive behavior that destroys the family.  Family members support each other, recognize their own feelings, learn how to appropriately deal with their situation, and stand up for the integrity of their household.  The Family Support Group has a devoted part-time counselor who is assisted by the counselors from each of the substance abuser’s groups.

Meeting Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday | 6:30pm-7:30pm

Individual Counseling

Monday- Friday from 9AM -5:30PM | Call 956-687-7714 to schedule an appointment.