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How Does The Program Work?

PDAP uses a proven method of rehabilitation in a twelve-step recovery program, that stresses total abstinence from drugs and alcohol. With the support of counselors and a recovery peer group, the drug abuser learns coping skills needed to deal with and enjoy life without the use of alcohol or other drugs.

How Do I Get Involved In The Program?

All you have to do is call (956) 687-7714 for an appointment or to ask questions. All counseling is confidential, and generally you can be seen within 24 hours of having made that first phone call.

How do I know if my child, spouse or friend has an alcohol or other drug problem?

Some of the signs we look for are listed below. Read them and be honest with yourself. Abuse or addiction does not go away by itself, it can only change when YOU make a change.

Common Signs of alcohol or other drug abuse:

1. Drop in performance/attendance at school or work.
2. New friends you’ve never met.
3. Mood swings.
4. Withdrawal from family.
5. Broken promises/lying.
6. Secretive phone calls or messages.
7. Changes in appearance or in clothing.
8. Decreased concern about personal hygiene.
9. Drugs or alcohol or paraphernalia found in home.
10. Money or personal items missing.
11. Vague statements as to where they are going.
12. Angry outbursts.
Not all drug and alcohol abusers show all of these signs, but even if you have seen only one or two, get information and get help.

How much does it cost?

All of the services PDAP provides are free of charge to the individual and their family. There are no costs, no dues, no registration fees. Our focus is on helping the individual not payment. We do however accept donations and we “pass a basket” at our support group meetings.

Does PDAP provide drug-testing services?

NO. As part of our privacy and confidentiality of support during recovery, we do not provide drug testing.

Does PDAP have in-patient care services?

NO. PDAP is not a residential program, halfway house, drug rehab, or in-patient service. Our program is for the purpose of teaching young people how to work the 12-Steps to achieve sobriety and an everyday life free from mind changing chemicals.

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